What we Do

We are an independent Africa and China-focused advisory firm that works at the nexus of policy and business to assist governments, organizations and companies to foster sustainable development in African countries.

Building on our expertise in China-Africa relations, sustainable development, business consulting and conference management, we offer our clients unique insights, well-grounded advice, business and partnership opportunities.

We strategically engage our global network of decision-makers and experts in more than 30 countries to deliver outstanding service and solutions to our clients.

Mission statement

We provide our clients with an in-depth understanding of the multi-facetted China-Africa relations, identify interlinkages with clients’ areas of interest and offer advice on how best to utilize these relations for realizing their policy and business aspirations, especially those contributing to advancing sustainable development in African countries. We deliver high-quality services through consistent dedication and commitment to excellence, and strive to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Why The China Africa Advisory?

Africa rises at a time at which political commitment, knowledge, technology and financing exist for embarking on sustainable development pathways. All African countries pledged to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and create a “prosperous Africa based on inclusive growth and sustainable development” under the African Union’s Agenda 2063. More and more African countries are already in the process of putting national strategies and plans into action towards attaining these ambitious goals.

For most African countries China has become a key partner for investment, trade and development cooperation, in particular in the energy, infrastructure, agricultural and industrial sectors. Having gone through the most rapid economic and social development in history, China is cognizant of beneficial and adverse consequences of this development, possesses a wealth of lessons learned from a “pollute first, clean up later” approach and is committed to assisting other countries in avoiding such unsustainable short-sighted approaches. While China is still struggling to reverse its severe environmental degradation caused by the nature-oblivious economic growth, it is shifting towards ambitious sustainable development policies. Today China is a leader in environmental technologies, in particular renewable energy technologies, and has significantly reduced their costs through economies of scale.

While China offers a broad range of opportunities, it also has the capacity to provide knowledge, technology and financing for realizing sustainable development in Africa. The ChinaAfricaAdvisory aims to support African, Chinese and international clients to utilize China-Africa relations towards this objective in line with African countries’ development strategies and China’s commitment to fostering sustainable development in Africa.

The ChinaAfricaAdvisory’s Founding Directors have been closely following China’s development since 2001 and witnessing the rapidly expanding China-Africa relations since 2003. We are convinced that China’s know-how, technological advances and capital provide a unique window of opportunity for African countries to realize their envisaged sustainable development pathways. After more than ten years in sustainable development policy-making processes, development cooperation and business consulting, we have founded this independent company to support our clients towards making use of this opportunity.

Our growing list of global clients include the United Nations Development Programme, International Poverty Reduction Center in China, World Wildlife Fund, German Development Institute governmental and various Chinese and African companies.

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