The Team

  • Alexander Demissie
    Alexander Demissie Founding Director

    Over 10 years of international business consulting and UN civil service in the areas of sustainable development, climate change and conference management

    Visiting lecturer and Ph.D. candidate at University of Bonn, Germany

    M.A. Modern China Studies, Political Science and Economic Geography

    Languages: Amharic, Chinese, English, French and German

  • Hannah Wanjie Ryder 芮婉洁
    Hannah Wanjie Ryder 芮婉洁 China Representative

    Over 15 years of high-profile, hands-on policy and leadership experience in government and international organizations. Expert in the areas of development cooperation, climate change, international relations and finance.

    Sc. Economics (University of London), B.A. Economics and Development Studies (University of Sussex)

    Languages: Chinese, English, French and Kiswahili.

  • Yoseph Aklilu
    Yoseph Aklilu Ethiopia Representative
    Addis Ababa

    Over 10 years of experience in social and market research and high-level event organization in Ethiopia

    B.SC. Management Information Systems

    Languages: Amharic, English

  • Dr. Cornelia Tremann 雷凯丽
    Dr. Cornelia Tremann 雷凯丽 Senegal Representative

    Over 10 years experience in research and policy analysis in academia, international organizations, government, and private sector companies. Expertise spans Chinese foreign aid and investment in Africa, political and economic risk analysis, development assistance, and US-China cooperation in Africa. 

    PhD Politics of Development & China-Africa Relations (SOAS)
    MSc Global Politics (LSE)

    Languages: English, French, German

  • Yang Zhihong 杨志宏
    Yang Zhihong 杨志宏 Legal Advisor

    Over 15 years of legal and M&A advisory experience in China and abroad

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